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Athens Stay 20 / 30 / 50  in coolest neighborhoods in the world for 2019 were announced by the international influential guide of Time Out and the Hive of Athens won a place among them. In fact, Kypseli is high on the list as it is 16th in the ranking.

Very close to our accommodation, and with a very low cost of taxi or public transport, you will find the center of Athens. We offer you a very near safe area of accommodation very close to the attractions of the city.

Old historical building built at the beginning of the 20th century. It houses the 15th High School of Athens.
Acropolis Museum
Acropolis of Athens

Museum Acropole


An ancient Athenian neighbourhood is incorporated in a unique way in the Acropolis Museum architecture as yet another exhibit which converses with the masterpieces of the ancient Greek civilization presented in its galleries. Nesting on the gentle south slope of the rock, it houses life and human activities from the 4th millennium BC until the 12th cent. AD. Streets, residences, baths, workshops and tombs compose the complex image of archaeological remains. Amongst them those of late antiquity are the best preserved..



Plaka is the “old town” of Athens. It is built in the area immediately surrounding the Hill of Acropolis and as such is the foremost tourist destination for whomever visits the capital. Small, narrow streets and low houses in neoclassical style comprise this almost unbearably beautiful, picturesque area that begs to be photographed. Plaka is almost entirely pedestrianised and thus not accessible by car.

Situated at the heart of the city centre, Monastiraki is a unique merge of styles, eras and cultures, vibrant and ever-changing – yet, steadily dedicated to commerce and social encounter. If you stand at the centre of Monastiraki Square and take a 360 degrees look around you, you get a pretty full representation of the Athenian past and present facing you from within only a few square meters. Recently restored, the Square is paved with mosaic “flows” of marble, stone and wrought iron symbolizing Mediterranean diversity

Monastiraki Square
Acropolis - Herodeion

The neighbourhood of Makrigianni, with its many blocks of flats from the 60s (and some forgotten neoclassical treasures amongst them) has become packed with people ever since the New Acropolis Museum opened its doors here a few years back.

Anafiotika, an area higher up in Plaka, located right beneath the Acropolis, exudes the sense of being in an island – this breathtakingly beautiful neighbourhood was, after all, modelled after the island of Anafi. Many of the tiny, delapitated houses in the neighbourhood are still inhabited. 

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